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Glass Microfiber Filters - GRADE 9134-ah ®

Glass Microfiber Filters - GRADE 9134-ah ® 9134-ah ® - Depth filtration categorizes filter media that traps particulate within the random matrix of fibers found within the thickness of the media. The efficiency rating of the filter is characteristic of the complex pore structure that develops as the fibers overlap. The fibrous material within the filter is commonly glass micro fiber or polypropylene.

In depth filters such as glass micro fiber the purity of the filter is dictated by the presence of if any binder material that acts as a strengthening agent and aids in holding the fibers together.

Because of the characteristically high flow rates of depth filters they are generally used in applications such as single and multi process removal of sediment and course particulate. Glass micro fiber filters are available without binders making the inert matrix an ideal medium to entrap sediment for further analysis and counting. Also depth filtration media is commonly used as pre-filtration prior to surface filtration substrates such as membranes.

Fine porosity fast flow rate with a 1.5Ám size particle retention. This material is the standard for suspended particle analysis in water and cell harvesting. RIA scintillation counting. Binderless borosilicate glass microfiber

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Glass Microfiber Filters - GRADE 9134-ah ®

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