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The Nanopure Diamond has been replaced with the new and improved
Barnstead GenPure Lab Water systems.

Replacement filters and parts are still available.

For critical applications requiring 18.2 megohms water with pyrogen removal and less than 1ppb TOC, 1.5 l.p.m. flow rate.
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The most complete water system on the market today. Includes the latest advances in ion exchange and filtration technologies as well as a dual wavelength UV lamp and ultrafilter. Multi-language display.

Bring your water to your work--with the optional remote dispenser. Water can be dispensed up to 8 feet from your system.

One model accounts for worldwide voltages and fluctuations.

Universal design allows for wall or bench mounting.

Feed water pressure fluctuations are no problem with the DIamond. Every system comes complete with a pressure-regulating valve.

TOC Total Organic Carbon analyzer models available.


Purity up to 18.2 megohms-cm--exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS Type I water requirements.

Complies with USP XXIII guidelines with compensated and uncompensated resistivity measurements.

Whisper quiet operation with the newest pump technologies .

Automatic sanitization cycle helps keep your system clean.

Maintain your water quality during periods of non-use with the standby mode of operation recirculating water for 10 minutes every hour.

Maintain bacterial and particle free water with a 0.2 micron absolute final filter.

Trust your purity reading with automatic calibration verification of the electronics.

The system includes automatic sanitization as well as automatic and manual ultrafilter flushing.

The system produces ultrapure water containing < 0.005 Eu/ml of pyrogens,

Total Organic Carbon levels of less than values 3 ppb

Resistivity up to 18.2 megohm-cm and

RNase, DNase and DNA : no detectable.

Includes the latest advances in ion exchange and filtration technologies as well as a dual wavelength UV lamp and ultrafilter.

All NANOpure DIamond systems are now available with TOC Total Organic Carbon monitoring. The NANOpure DIamond TOC models measure and display the Total Organic Carbon content of your ultrapure water from <1 ppb to 250 ppb. Now you can be sure that the organic content of your water meets your most stringent demands with constant monitoring of the organic carbon levels. A built in UV oxidation chamber oxides and measures the levels of organics in your water. This value is then clearly shown on your display, along with resistivity, providing you a total understanding of your water purity. The future is here today with the NANOpure DIamond TOC systems.

The nucleases - ribonculea se RNase and deoxyribonuclease DNase - a re ubiquitous contaminants in the laboratory environment. Glassware and solutions must be rendered nuclease-free when working with RNA or DNA to ensure good recoveries. Therefore, it is critical that ultrapure water used for reagent preparation and glassware rinsing is free of nucleases. In validation studies, a NANOpure DIamond UV/UF ultrapure water system was spiked with feedwater containing high levels of RNase and DNase in two separate experiments and the product water was analyzed for their presence. The experiments were performed by Mo Bio Laboratories, Inc. in Solana Beach, CA. The results indicate th at the DIamond™ UV/UF effectively removed the nucleases from the water to levels below the sensitivity limit of the test.

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